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We offer specialized imaging services at our facility, all radiographs are reviewed by a boarded radiologist to accurately assess and diagnose any issues. Our emergency doctors are also specially trained to perform brief ultrasounds to quickly discern the presence of any fluids in the abdomen or chest.


Radiography, also known as X-rays, is one of the most common and valuable medical diagnostic tools. X-rays are highly useful for screening areas of the body that have contrasting tissue densities, or when evaluating solid tissues.


In addition to X-rays, our veterinarians are trained to perform ultrasounds to check for any fluids or abnormalities in the lungs and chest. These tests offer rapid results that our team can use to quickly and effectively diagnose issues in critical situations, allowing us to begin treatment as soon as possible.

Why would my pet need x-rays?

If your pet is sick or has suffered a trauma, X-rays provide a minimally invasive tool to help our doctors diagnose your pet.

When is X-ray testing appropriate?

We use radiology alone or in conjunction with other diagnostic tools depending on the patient’s condition. We’re fully equipped to perform routine radiology services to identify many types of illness or injury when pets are sick or suffer a trauma.

How is X-ray testing used?

X-rays can be used to detect a variety of ailments in animals including arthritis, tumors, bladder and kidney stones, and lung abnormalities such as pneumonia. They are also used to evaluate bone damage, the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory tract, genitourinary system, organ integrity, and even identify foreign objects that may have been ingested. In some cases, we may need to sedate your pet or use short-acting general anesthesia.